Oct 12

The Final Agenda for ICEA 2016

The ICEA 2016 final agenda is now available:

Conference Agenda ICEA 2016

Thank you for your submissions, and looking forward to see you at Bucharest!

Jul 07

The 2016 International Conference on Economics and Administration

4 – 5 November 2016

 The 8th edition of the International Conference on Economics and Administration (ICEA 2016), jointly organized by the Faculty of Business and Administration within the University of Bucharest and the Economic Psychology Association (http://www.epia.ro) in November, aims at bringing together interdisciplinary research  focused on poverty and income inequality, with a particular focus on how they filter economic rationality as well as the human behavior bounded by scarcity.

The first day of the conference is devoted to a Behavioral Economics perspective, in an attept to understand the mechanisms that trigger human economic decisions under poverty and/or income inequality. The 4th edition of the Workshop in Applied Behavioral Economics will host the presentations in the day 1.

The second day will take a strictly quantitative perspective: quantitative studies are welcome to explore statistical data related to poverty and income inequality. The 1st Workshop on Applied R for the Social Sciences will host the presentations in the day 2.

Should you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the conference manager, Professor Dr. Elena Druica, at elena.druica@faa.unibuc.ro

Download Paper Template – http://icea-conference.eu/icea/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Paper-template-ICEA-2016.doc

Download Copyrifgt Agreement – http://icea-conference.eu/icea/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Copyright_agreement-ICEA-_FAA_0.pdf

Jul 06

Workshop: Applied R for the Social Sciences, 5 November 2016

Workshop: Applied R to Social Sciences  

5 November 2016,

Jointly organized by the Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest and the Romanian R – Team

Call for papers:

The 1st edition of the Workshop “Applied R for the Social Sciences” invites quantitative papers exploring issues related to poverty and income inequality as well as their impact on economic rationality. Studies regarding the former communist countries are in particular invited.

Deadline for manuscript submission: 15 October 2016

Submit your manuscript to: Professor Dr. Elena Druica, elena.druica@faa.unibuc.ro


Payment details: http://icea-conference.eu/icea/index.php/important-deadlines-and-registration-fees/ 

Publication opportunities: The proceedings of the event, indexed in EBSCO, RePec.


Jul 06

Applied Behavioral Economics – 4 November 2016

Applied Behavioral Economics – 4 November 2016

The 4th edition of the workshop on “Applied Behavioral Economics” will be hosted by the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Business and Administration, as a part of the 8th International Conference in Economics and Administration, ICEA 2016, and it is supported by the International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics, an official publication of IGI – Global, USA.

The workshop invites conceptual and empirical papers in the field of Applied Behavioral Economics. This year’s edition will be focused on examining the impact of inequality and poverty on individual decision-making and economic behaviors. Potential effects that may appear in relation to consumption and savings, social capital and trust, risk attitudes, self-perception, or labor market may be of interest. Micro and macro studies are equally welcome. A particular attention will be paid to empirical research approaching poverty and inequality for transition economies.

Submissions should be directed to:

Professor PhD. Elena Druica, University of Bucharest, Department of Economics and Administration, elena.druica@faa.unibuc.ro

Details about important deadlines and registration fee are available here: